Mixed Bed Ion-Exchange Resin

Your local supplier of mixed bed ion-exchange resin throughout New Zealand.

Ready to use, high quality resin designed for the direct purification of water.

Why Use Mixed Bed Ion-Exchange Resin?

Most tap water contains varying amounts of ions (charged molecules). When tap water is used to clean or rinse windows these ion impurities can leave watermarks or spots behind as the water dries.

Mixed bed resins are used to produce deionized (or demineralized) “pure” water. As tap water moves through the resin any ion impurities that are present swap places with corresponding positive (H+) and negative (OH-) ions in the resin – meaning that the impurities ‘stick’ to the resin, while pure water (H2O) is released.

Using Mixed Bed Ion-Exchange resin ensures that you will leave the windows you wash clean, sparkly and spot free every time.


Per 5L bag
$46 +gst
plus freight $24 +gst

Per 25L (5 x 5L bags)
$225 +gst
plus freight $24 +gst

Freight costs apply NZ-wide

Alternatively, pick-up may be arranged in Christchurch or Auckland


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